random thoughts on the elements – air

I am an air sign (Aquarius). I don’t put much faith in astrology but this I know to be true – I am an air sign.

All my life I have strived to be grounded, and failed. Now, I realise that may never happen and I am learning to accept my flightiness, loftiness, and constant need to be moving and in flux.

I run headlong into everything and get a rush from the fear (panic), anxiety, pain, and joy of it. And I usually sweep everyone else up along with it, except those who are afraid of feeling and reflecting.

“Invisible, unpredictable, unreliable, playful, soothing, destructive, inspiring and life giving: The Element of Air or Wind is all these things and much more. It is the representation of all that we cannot see: our souls, our spirits, our minds, and our hearts – of that what lies beneath or beyond as some scholars say. Purity of the spirit and the heart, clarity of thought within the mind, focus of intent, unhindered sight, are all under the control of the clear soaring unfettered Element of Air. Yet the Air is not always calm. Unpredictable and changing the Element of Wind can easily be a roaring hurricane as it can be a playful breeze.”

My favourite saying is “I’ll wing it”.  Another allusion to the airiness of me.

Rachel McDonald of Roots & Wings, upon reading this, said to me…

“I love the link between your saying “I’ll wing it” and your metaphor of “getting a rush” – I picture you soaring above the everyday landscape of our lives, gliding along in a stream of ease and then flying down to your nest and gathering your flock to you. ”

Rachel suggested that I try a visualisation where I grow roots.

I’m not much good at visualisation. I am OK listening to a recorded visualisation. I tried this morning to grow roots and my mind ran away from it. I’ll keep trying.

I meditate on weekends. I don’t have time to meditate during the week. My sacred space is an expansive meadow full of fragrant white freesias ringed by ancient trees. No intimate small groves like the Druids suggest. Lots of air and light.

I’m excited by learning and ideas, and I like to talk about them. Constantly reflecting and in search of better ways of doing things and bright new ideas, I live inside my head. Many times my body has languished whilst my brain has been working on tantalising musings.

Hail Guardians of the East, I summon the powers of Air!
Windswept meadow, Breath of life, Fantastic torrent removing strife, With Clarity, the power to Know, We invoke you!
By the air that is Her breath, Be with us now!
Source: http://www.faerywolf.com/essay_elements.htm

I have been meditating for 27 years. Tried many different types – transcendental meditation, zen buddhism, tibetan buddhism, risho kosekai, hare krishna, and guided visualisation. Mostly my mind runs rampant and comes up with  creative ideas and solutions to stuff. The Druids say that’s ok, just accept what comes and let it go, don’t fight it. I like this advice. For 26 years I wrestled with my monkey mind. The Druid’s way has helped me to become more mindful.

I have started to do more barefoot walking and connecting with the earth.

Creatures of the air are attracted to me. Dragonflies and butterflies hover near when I am in the garden. Daily I take note of the sounds and sights of the birds. I revel in the sight of the mountains and the spaces in between.

I stand in the garden and
Flowers, grass, earth, trees,
each emit their own scent.
A dragonfly hovers by,
I notice ten or so more nearby.
The breeze tingles upon my skin.
I close my eyes and feel
the air on my face and in my hair
Each leaf quivers and
together they create a hum.
Looking up to the sky, 
the clouds are changing shape.
– tree girl

Image source: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/element-air-iii-aliza-souleyeva-alexander.html



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