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departing from Kissing The Limitless

August 2, 2014


OK, I’m up to the part of the book where I am required to do many different types of breathing exercises in many different types of ways – with candles, with water, with visualisations, with exercise. And this is where T Thorn Coyle has┬álost me. There are 45 exercises in Kissing the Limitless.┬áThis is where […]

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manifesto for a simple life

April 12, 2014


  I’m burnt out I can’t bear to look at anything remotely associated with work. Towards the end of the school term, I said to my clinical supervisor that I was going to start a “crispy around the edges” society He said “I know a few people who would join you”. I asked a psychotherapist […]

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tapping into life power – cleansing life force

February 2, 2014


When you stand before the fire There shall be no more weeping. The trees shall whisper and wind shall moan: Your fate is in your hands. . What is the path of your choosing? How shall you walk this road? With spine that reaches, earth to sky And feet that tread surely. . Drink now […]

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discovering possibility – moving past preconceptions

January 21, 2014


Do you hold an image of perfection that you run from or punish yourself for not attaining? Do you give up? Which emotions are underneath all of this? When do they arise? Find an image that inspires you and that you can use as a touchstone to remind yourself to notice, breathe, and get in […]

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discovering possibility – perceiving the levels of magic

January 17, 2014


When I started studying the Bardic grade (OBOD) I looked around at other blogs to see what others were doing. On many Druidry related blogs I found mention of the book Kissing the Limitless by T. Thorn Coyle. When I received the book I tried to read it, on several occasions, and the passages didn’t […]

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