time of marrai’gung

Bana’murrai’yung – wet becoming cooler (March to May)

“The time of the year when the cries of the Marrai’gang (Quoll) seeking his mate can be heard through the forests and woodlands, and when the lilly pillys ripen on the trees. However, when the lilly pillys start to fall, it is time to mend the old warm cloaks from last cold season, or make new ones, and begin the yearly trek to the coastal areas.” 



Noticing …

Brown cuckoo doves – the photos on the Birds In Backyards website don’t do this bird justice. It is a large bird with copper colouring.

Sighting wattle bird, crimson rosella, eastern rosellas. The sound of kookaburras, currawong, magpies, and raven.

Lots of praying mantis in late March.

1st April – Daylight savings time ended. What a relief!

In April, we had a lot of rain and the birds seemed to disappear for about a week. The lilli pilli tree was laden with fruit and there were very few birds. In previous years parrots of all hues and colours would feast on and bicker over the fruit – king parrots, rainbow lorikeets, crimson rosellas.

A nest of skink’s eggs under some old bricks.

In the garden…

Buckinghamia celsissima flowering in late March.


The sweet scent of Osmanthus fragrans.

The lilli pilli’s turned pink. Unfortunately all of the fruit on the large old tree had worm in it. The younger trees fruited a month later in April and were not affected.


Lilli pilli

Image source: http://www.theglassroad.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/lilli-pilli.jpg

Mandarines, oranges, and lemons are fruiting.

We now have a chiminea on the back deck. My husband so wanted a campfire for the family to gather around.




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