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December 29, 2013


Casuarina (she oak). It’s eerie when the wind blows through a stand of casuarina. The sound is a mournful whistle, and the branches clack and creak. Some Indigenous groups believe this is a sacred tree with the ability to communicate in an ancient language. The sound stirs my soul and I always feel alive and awake when […]

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advice from a tree

January 13, 2013


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ask the trees

August 5, 2012

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My boys collect sticks. Many sticks. Sticks that they fashion into daggers and swords and bows and wands. Such boys. The last few weeks after school, the boys have wanted to go to the local park. They are making a hideout in the bush. My eldest boy was attempting to cut a green branch from […]

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grand old dame

October 5, 2011


This grand old girl is short on time. Everyone is sad about it. She is a haven for many beautiful parrots raising their young in the Spring. Not to mention the possums. A hive of activity and sound. Just like the childcare centre and car park that the council planted next to her.  A whole […]

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trunk of a tea tree

September 26, 2011


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tea tree – melaleuca

May 25, 2011


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