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Warami (“good to see you” in Dharug language)

This blog is a reflection of my journey. There is a lot of wondering and pondering here. Over the past twenty years, I have been slowly weaving my Aboriginal heritage into my daily life and into the work that I do. This blog is a place where I can tell my little story as often as I need to, and share where I am on the path. I am like a little weed growing in the crack of a wall – subject to the elements, digging deep, resilient, and ever hopeful.

In this space I tell a yarn about how I try to make sense of all of the influences of my life, the practices that bring me back to spirit, and where I find joy.

… and I love trees…

My very best friend is a tree.
He lifts me up and sets me free.
In his strong arms, the sun draws nigh;
his leafy patterns paint the sky.
My dark blue skies turn brighter then,
And my poor heart grows green again.
The wonder of it heals my soul;
and I rise up and find me whole.
 – Susan Noyes Anderson

Yanu  (“bye, I go” in Dharug language)


tree girl



I acknowledge Aboriginal and Islander (including the Torres Strait) peoples of Australia as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country.

Aboriginal and Islander people understand our intrinsic connection to land, waterways, islands and communities. In this Journey we strive for cultural safety to exist for all Australians, by building societies and communities embedded within foundations of cultural competence. Culturally competent human beings will impart the necessary behaviours and respectful communication needed to see a shift in equality for all humankind. We contribute to this co-creation of a culturally safe society by listening, advocating, empowering, developing self-awareness, confidence building and self-esteem restructuring, sharing knowledge and mentoring to bring about genuine possibilities for a brighter future for our children, our grandchildren and all future generations that walk in our ancestor’s footsteps. (Source: Lateral Love)



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