celebrating the seasons in this place

Many of the celebrations and festivals offered to us derive from the Northern hemisphere.

The celebrations are grounded in a history which is foreign to the culture in this Great Southern Land. Our environment is different, the flora and fauna unique. The seasons are opposed.

The Indigenous people have walked this land for 60,000 years and they have their own creation stories. They also have their own calendar for the seasons.

Source of image: http://www.abc.net.au/science/features/indigenous/


For the Druid’s, celebrating the seasons develops a sense of personal connection to Nature – the Earth, Sun, Moon, stars, elements, animals, plants, trees, landscape, and Spirit.

I struggle with ritual. I really do. To do something because I must seems contrived and forced, unnatural. I prefer to do things spontaneously. To say my thanks when I’m cutting new season fruit and vegetables. To stop when I’m out walking to observe the clouds, birds, ants, trees.

Although OBOD advises that the celebration does not need to be elaborate, lengthy, or laborious, their rituals are exactly that. They say that the ritual should be simple, natural and profound but I have not yet found any examples of how they achieve this.


Druid Triad – Three cauldrons that exist within every human being: the cauldron of awakening, the cauldron of devotion, the cauldron of celebration. 
Source: http://www.summerlands.com/crossroads/library/triads.htm

Through my Druidry studies, I have become interested in how they view the life cycle and this has resonated with me.

In this diagram, I was playing with the life stages, seasons, and points of the compass. In this place, where I live, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The southern side of the house is the shadiest and coolest. I also fitted the planting cycle into the wheel. The sun, soul, spirit, self, are in the centre, physically and psychologically we revolve around these. The wheel turns in an anti-clockwise direction in the Southern hemisphere.


In seed-time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.  
William Blake             
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One Comment on “celebrating the seasons in this place”

  1. icelandpenny Says:

    The irony is that the genuine, historical birth of a baby to Mary and Joseph did not take place in a northern, snowy climate… Happy new year (you are already there, we will be soon)


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