swimming pond

June 13, 2016

going bush

The contracts have been exchanged on the bush property, and we can’t move in until the 1st of September.

We are in planning mode.

Years ago, I wanted a swimming pool in our suburban backyard. The summers are getting hotter and longer. This year, our autumn didn’t start until 2 months after it officially started. But the kids wouldn’t let me get a swimming pool because they said it would interfere with their ability to play soccer. There is very little access to our yard anyway, and it doesn’t take long to hit rock whilst digging.

When we were looking for properties to purchase we were looking for something with a creek. It was easier said than done. Creeks are frequently temporary in our dry climate.

With a bit of space to spare on the property we settled on, enough for cricket and soccer, one of the first things I thought of was a swimming hole – a billabong.

We’ve been looking up ‘natural swimming pools’ and ‘swimming ponds’. They are very appealing, and cost about one-third the cost of a fibreglass shell.


According to this online pond liner calculator (http://www.clearpond.com.au/how-to/online-calculators/liner), a swimming pool 15 metres long, 10 metres wide, and 2 metres deep, will require a liner 20m x 15m. Liner is expensive, and heavy, but not as heavy or expensive as a fibreglass shell. Still, we don’t yet know how we will get the liner out to the property. We will also require an underlay. And a tractor to dig the hole.

There are two existing dams on the property, one being spring fed. So my husband is wondering whether we should make the billabong from one of the existing dams.

Here is a great article on how to make a swimming pond – http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/natural-swimming-pool-zmaz02aszgoe.aspx.

We can’t wait to get our feet on the place, to tromp around, and figure out what is achievable. A natural pool is going to be a great environment for insects and frogs.




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5 Comments on “swimming pond”

  1. michaelwatsonvt Says:

    Oh, what a joy a swimming hole would bring. It might well also attract wildlife. I hope you find an affordable way to create your dream.


    • tree girl Says:

      Hi Andy

      That’s the plan. I love all of the critters that water holes attract – dragonflies, frogs, water boatmen.


    • tree girl Says:

      Hi Michael

      We’ll give it a go. First step is to buy a tractor, and we are looking into what type will best meet our needs.

      When I was a kid, my dad would let our above-ground swimming pool turn into a pond during the winter. He stopped putting chemicals in the pool and would purchase goldfish to put in the pool. All winter, we watched the goldfish swim and grow. In the warmer months we caught the fish and dad would take them back to the petshop. We cleaned up the pool for swimming.

      This is a very worthwhile project.


  2. andysmerdon Says:

    Good luck with the swimming hole – it looks like a fantastic idea and as Michaelwatsonvt says – maybe wildlife will come and enjoy too 🙂


  3. greenmackenzie Says:

    That sounds like a wonderful project, and natural pools are so much better for everyone including Mother Earth herself💕can’t wait to hear how the plans unfold.


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