infinite worth

January 2, 2016

spiritual practice


I watched this video five times and got something different out of it each time.

I had the good fortune to be in a training group conducted by Kent Hoffman about five years ago. What he fails to mention in this talk is that the work he has been doing for the past 20 years with ‘street dependent’ youth has been voluntary. He is the real deal.

I came to a similar epiphany at the end of my masters degree (child & adolescent mental health). At the end of 6 years study, and quite a tidy amount of money, I could sum up my education with three words, “meet the need”. It was beautiful and humbling, and it has stuck with me.

Last year I studied Pastoral Care. The concept that everyone is equal in the eyes of God was a recurrent theme in the course. One lecturer, Jen Wendtman, a woman oozing with love and energy, talked about buying a pie or a coffee for homeless people she met on the streets in her home town. She said that she knew that it could be considered superficial and not solving anything, but she said that she thought it was better than walking past them. She said that she always wants to do something for people that says “I see you”.  Cheekily she said “how do I know that person isn’t Jesus in disguise?”. She also worked very hard to convince her church to support her to establish the “Our Backyard” project (





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One Comment on “infinite worth”

  1. andysmerdon Says:

    Our Backyard – great idea – security is something we all need


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