manifesto for a simple life

April 12, 2014

kissing the limitless

manifesto for a simple life


I’m burnt out

I can’t bear to look at anything remotely associated with work.
Towards the end of the school term, I said to my clinical supervisor that I was going to start a “crispy around the edges” society
He said “I know a few people who would join you”.
I asked a psychotherapist how I can feel so overwhelmed in all of my senses, but feel so numb at the same time.
He said “isn’t the latter a defence against the former?”
I’m on two weeks leave.
I’m watching my favourite movies over and over again. I like the ones that make me cry, because I can’t cry. The tears sting the backs of my eyes but they won’t come.
I’m exercising, eating real food, and breathing. And reading a lot – stuff that has an interesting story but I don’t have to think about. 
I should be doing some pottering in the garden enjoying the Autumn sunshine.
But I need to warm myself up on the inside first.
life ache

 Cartoon by Michael Leunig



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4 Comments on “manifesto for a simple life”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I like that. I find a quiet spot, and the stories flow. 🙂


  2. Beauty Along the Road Says:

    Yes, life gets us to this point sometimes. But nature has a way of soothing and re-energizing us. I realize this post was written in April, so maybe it’s old hat by now; hopefully, you have been able to spend lots of time in nature…


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