peace – january

April 23, 2012

the flock year

Rachelle Mee Chapman provided a beautifully simple meditation to commemorate Epiphany.

My guiding star was large and light as a feather and it whispered Peace to me.

Peace? I was perplexed. Peace is never a word I would have chosen for myself.

I associate Peace with death – Rest In Peace.

And hippies. I don’t know the true meaning of the word Peace. It seems to be one of those words that people throw around to sound like they are deeply spiritual, and sometimes it clangs with insincerity. It is a word that I feel a cringe in response to hearing it said or seeing it written.

Peace? Really?

Rachelle wrote this blessing for me…

“May your star look down upon you
 from the heavens, open her arms,
and scatter upon you
the cleanest and softest of eiderdown;
that you may rest upon your featherbed
‘til health and wholeness consumes your be-ing.
Amen? (Amen)”

So, here I sit, with a word I have no affinity with. And the excitement is starting to simmer. I have the opportunity to explore something which was gifted to me, which was created out of a need I am not yet aware of, and discover its authenticity, its deepest and truest meaning (for me).


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