morning rhythm

The morning sun
Surrounds us
With its cosmic

 The Soulful
Morning smile
Is a treasure
Of the mind
And heart alike.

 In the morning
The greatness of
The mind and
The goodness of
The heart are

 In the morning
Our hearts dawn
With sweetness-

 Each morning
Is the birth
Of a new

 In the morning
Heaven descends
In all its glory
To become
The rising sun.

 The morning light
Feeds our hearts
And guides our lives.

 In morning’s
The Supreme
Himself visits my

 At the morning dawn,
I hear the gentle whisper
Of my blessingful
inner guide.

Sri Chinmoy


I awake at first light.


Breathing in I calm my mind
Breathing out I smile
Living in this moment (in)
I know this is the best moment (out)
[Adapted from Thich Nhat Hanh]


with arms outstretched by your sides, raise them up over your head whilst breathing in
breathing out push your hands down the midline in front of you
with arms down in front of you, raise them up the midline scooping up an in-breath until your arms are stretched high above you
breathing out lower your arms outstretched to the sides
Archangel Michael to my right – loving kindness
Archangel Gabriel to my left – strength and justice
Archangel Raphael behind me – healing
Archangel Uriel in front of me – the light of God
toward the one
the perfection of love, harmony and beauty
the only being
united with all the illuminated souls
who formed the embodiment of the master
the spirit of guidance (Sufi mantra)


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